2020 has been a challenging year so far – Covid 19 changed everything about the way we interact. As an outdoor market, our ability to open as usual on SoDa Row has been postponed until the State of Utah enters GREEN status.

Thank you for joining us this season, even though we’re not on the street on SoDa Row as usual. As much as we will miss doing that, for now anyway, we’re all super excited about what we have planned to keep our small producers in business and to bring amazing local food, crafts, and goods to Daybreak!

Because of restrictions in place due to Covid 19, we are online only until the state moves to GREEN status, with a weekly pickup location here in Daybreak.

Our first Local Pickup Event is this Saturday, May 23rd. We are extremely excited!! Can’t wait to see you all!

Here are the details:

  1. Order by Friday at 6 pm of the week you are picking up. For example – this week, the week of May 17th, our pickup day is Saturday, May 23rd. Order by Friday, May 22nd, at 6 pm.
  2. Pickup Location – the parking lot on the East side of CupBop, the Nest, and F45 Training SoDa Row. (See Map Below)
  3. Pickup Time – 2 pm to 4 pm
  4. Pickup Instructions: Enter from the south side of the parking lot off of Daybreak Rim Parkway. To enter, you should be driving East on Daybreak Rim.
  5. We will direct you, traffic is one way through the pickup line.
  6. Vendors will have signage so you’ll be able to see where to pickup your orders.
  7. Stop at your vendor with your order number and ID, they will bring your order to your vehicle.
  8. All vendors will be wearing gloves and masks.
  9. See map below for a clear view of how pickup works.
Daybreak Farmers Market Local Pickup Location and Enter/Exit roads.

I did a preorder this week just to see how things would work with the new website. If you have a desire for fresh greens, check out Utah Infinity Gardens. I ordered Spring Mix Lettuce and Baby Spinach. This is a breakfast sandwich I made with the spinach. It was heavenly!! This is seriously great spinach. The best I’ve ever had. This might sound weird, but it didn’t even make my teeth squeaky!!!

Utah Infinity Gardens

Here are some links to the store to get you started. If you have any questions reach out to me by text or email, or on the Daybreak Farmers Market FB Page. My email is farmersmarket@livedaybreak.com, and my number for texting is 801-903-3856.

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