2021 Season is Almost Here!

We’re so excited to be gearing up for the 2021 season! This year you’ll see some changes from years past. For starters, we’re expanding! That’s right – we’re getting bigger. In order to bring in more produce vendors, we’ll be using the gravel area just east of the stage. This will allow us to have more produce vendors, and a dedicated space for food vendors.

Speaking of food vendors…we’re super excited to be able to have food vendors that prepare on-site back! We’ll be reaching out to vendors who were with us before COVID-19 hit the world, and are looking forward to have hot food made while you wait.

Also “new” this year…we can have entertainment back! YAY!!! Music, balloon artists, food or art demonstrations – we can have them again. Yes, there are still some regulations to abide by, but we are happy to implement those, in order to have them back!

So, get ready! And we’ll see you in a few months!

2 thoughts on “2021 Season is Almost Here!

  1. How big is each booth and also how much? Do we sign up for the Saturdays we want or do we need to sign up for every Saturday?


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