Daybreak Farmers Market

Daybreak Farmers Market

Daybreak Farmers Market

The Daybreak Farmers Market has been filled. You may still fill out an application, however, if you are approved you will be placed on our waitlist.

The 2022 Daybreak Farmers Market is excited to be open this year on Saturdays from:

June 4– Octber 15th

9am – 2pm.

11274 S Kestrel Rise Rd. South Jordan, UT.

The vision of the Daybreak Farmers Market (DFM) is to be a place where the Daybreak, and surrounding communities have direct access to local and sustainable seasonal, food, contributing to healthy living; where local farmers, ranchers and artisans are stimulated and nurtured; where local food packers and producers can thrive and expand. We are supporting our community and helping stimulate the local economy by investing in our vendors, volunteers and employees, offering marketing support and education to our vendors, and offering artisan quality products created by Utahns for Utahns. 

Participation in the Daybreak Farmers Market means you accept and agree to being part of a community of entrepreneurs who have each other’s best interest in mind, and agree to partner with all vendors in creating a fun, friendly, No Trace Left Behind event. By submitting your application, you agree to support and adhere to all market rules and regulations.

As Market Directors we appreciate our vendors, and work hard to make the market as inviting for our them as it is for our customers.

Application fee:

Farmers/ranchers/produce/non-profit $5

Youth vendors (By invitation) (regular season) $10

Artisan, Prepared Food, Business Sponsors: $30

Booth fees (vendors will be able to choose their booth section AFTER their application has been accepted):

Standard: $30 per Saturday (10% discount for full-season vendors)

Upgrade: $40 per Saturday (10% discount for full-season vendors)

Premium: $50 per Saturday (10% discount for full-season vendors)

Farmers/ranchers/produce Booth fee: $15/ Saturday or $200 for the season

Youth Entrepreneur Saturdays: $5 per youth booth

Booth map

As a market, we ONLY provide the space for vendors to use. Everything the vendor needs for their set-up, must be brought in.

Food vendors: at this time we are not accepting Food TRUCKS. We will post here if that changes.

Business sponsors: Business sponsors must meet the Daybreak Farmers Market’s criteria of selling handmade/upcycled/artisanal types of goods. Please contact us directly at if you have questions as to if your business meets the criteria.

We do not accept MLMs, Direct Marketing, or mass-produced items.

Before applying to the Daybreak Farmers Market, thoroughly read the Daybreak Farmers Market Policy and Procedures Vendor Handbook. Submitting your application to the market certifies that you have read, and agree to comply to the DFM Policy and Procedures Vendor Handbook

Applications are being accepted for the Daybreak Farmers Market waitlist (which gets used a lot) .

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